Friday, December 21, 2012

Concierto de Profesores 19 de Diciembre 2012

 Wednesday was fantastic! I am so relieved and really impressed with myself. I played much better than I thought I did and while I lacked some confidence in the beginning, I made up for it in the end. Marco got some video footage of the last 5 minutes and I listened to it today. I was much happier with the outcome than I thought I would be! He also took video of the quartet that Melissa, Suzanne, Angela and I played. It was really fun playing with the three of them. I really hope that I can find some people to play with when I am in Lima. Maybe Angela and I can play for some parties and things when I am in Lima next year. I know she is super busy with school but it might be a possibility. Anyway, the concert itself lasted 2 hours! I couldn't believe that it went that long. We did add the camerata with two pieces in the middle but that was only 15 minutes or so. Arioska played a solo piece, I played my solo, there was the violin quartet, a trio, Elder played a solo, Nayat played a Haydn piano solo, there was the Bach piano quartet and camerata. Oh yes, and Fil and Flor finished out the concert with a beautiful rendition of Siwarsituy, a quechua Christmas carol. It was a very successful concert. I am most appreciative of Marco for coming out too because he was not feeling well and very much wanted to stay in bed but he came out to support me and that means so much to me. I worked really hard on this concert and I really wanted him to be there. What a great guy!
 Us ladies after the Telemann Quartet!

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