Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It is customary to have a chocolatada at Christmas time if you work for a school. Everyone gets together and stuffs their faces with paneton (a much tastier version of fruitcake) and hot chocolate. We had one at Qantu last Saturday and it was wonderful. I saw a few of my students and took some pictures. One of my students gave me a super cute Mamacha doll holding a potato. I can add it to my collection now since I got one holding a baby from Corey when he left. Here are some pictures of the party!

 Diego put on Suzanne's concert with her mother. It was well received. 

 Joanna is here to visit. We met her when we were taking our teacher training courses last year in Lima.

My lovely student Antonella with her dad (who plays violin in the Cusco Sypmhony), her mother, and Suzanne.

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