Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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So for those of you that don't know, I write on a daily basis on a website called . It's pretty self explanatory. You write 750 words on a daily basis which racks up to 22,000 words in a month. There are badges and incentives for writing every day if getting a little x in the box for the day isn't enough. For me it definitely is. I am on a 31 day streak and plan to keep it up. I am also in the December challenge which means I need to write every day in December. I decided that if I achieve the goal I will buy myself a new ebook on my kindle and if I miss a day I will donate 2 dollars to the website. They rely on patrons to keep the site running. A guy named Buster started it in Bedlam Coffee in Seattle Washington. Go figure, a hip writing site developed by a guy in Seattle! Seattle just might be catching up to Portland in hipsterness. Anyway, I decided that I am going to post what I wrote today on the site just to give you an idea of what it is like. I am seriously considering writing a book about my adventures in Cusco. I may wait til next November for National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. 50,000 words in one month!

So here goes! This is what I wrote today.

I have had a very successful day so far. I got up at 8am and got ready to go to my piano lesson. Flor forgot that we were going to have class on Monday and scheduled someone else so we recuperated it this morning. The lesson went well and we went over a ton of stuff. I have a lot to practice this week. After my lesson I sent the picture I want Elena to paint for Marco's Christmas present to her. I am going to drop off a hard copy today in about an hour or so. I then walked down to an internet place because I forgot to look up my dad's address. While I was there I accidentally left my planner. Oops! I am going to see if I can get it back when I walk back up to Qantu from Dragon's Palate. I made my way down to Movistar to pay for our internet and then walked down to Serpost where I sent back the stamps that my dad accidentally sent to me with my birthday gift.

Ok, so after serpost I stopped in next door to the Salon San Sebastian and got my hair washed, cut and dried. I was totally expecting it to be at least 50 soles because the last time I got my hair done there it was at least 45. They only charged me 30! That is so crazy. I left my stylist a 5 sole tip because she did a good job and because I saved 20 soles so why not!

I decided to get lunch at Yola. I was in the mood for causa and arroz con pollo and lemonade. That is exactly what I ate. I couldn't eat it all of course, so I took the rest of the arroz con pollo home and will eat the rest of it tonight for dinner after singing at the Marriott. I made my way down the street to the Imprenta I went into the other day to ask about business cards. The girl said she needed to keep my USB for the day in order to do everything. That was weird so I went to another one down the street and we switched the design in the program Coral so that he could work on it easier. There wasn't much to work with though. It is a super simple design and just black and white with a few pictures from google on it. A violin and a note with a treble clef. He originally said 40 soles but I told him the lady down the street was charging 30 soles for the exact same thing so he agreed to it. Later he said I could have color if I wanted but I didn't. I like simple. It is to the point and easy to read. I finally stopped in Maxi for some groceries and bought some dog food for Pepe at the agroveterinaria that I always go to for his food. I was going to take a combi back but of course Huancaro went right by me. That is two times today! I was going to take a combi to Qantu this morning but my bus went right by me because there were other buses in front of it. Fucker. It makes me sooooo mad when they do that!! I apologize for the strong words but man it makes me mad! They don't care at all about the passengers.

I ended up walking.

On my way I picked up some pan de coco for Marco. I have decided that I am going to try and get rid of most bread from my diet. I think I am going to feel a lot better. It's not gluten but yeast that isn't so great for me.

I finally made it back home and now I am going to probably take a quick nap before heading out to do more errands. I am very content with how the day has gone so far and I only have two students today, cajon class and then singing at the Marriott.

Last night went well. We played at 10:30pm and there was a huge group of Chilean men. I have no idea why there were so many of them or why they were all men but they liked us and clapped a lot. It is always nice to have a really lively audience that responds when you are finished with a song.

When I got home Marco and I ended up chatting for a good hour in bed. We talked about wedding possibilities and how he wants to have a great mixture of everything. We think we are going to have a buffet for all my friends and family that come from the States because it will be great for them to try typical food from Peru. My mom wanted to have a dinner the night before so that would be the perfect way. That way, we would spend less on food for the reception. A sit down dinner with courses is apparently less that a buffet at the reception. For some reason that doesn't seem right. I would think that it would be more expensive to have a course meal but who knows. We will figure out all of this and more details when we are in Lima. It's nice to be thinking about everything. I saw this great post on pinterest with two wine glasses and on one was the name of the bride and the other groom. The one whose cup is more full at the end of the night gets cake in the face. I like it! It's some extra soles (or maybe dollars from the US people!) for us. We also chatted about moving logistics since we are doing that in less than a month! Apparently we will be moving everything to the center of the room in boxes so that it can painted before the 24th of December because after that date it is hard to contract workers or something like that. I trust Marco's ideas. He is a rational logical thinker.

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  1. Where did you get piano lessons - I have recently moved to Cusco and can't even find a piano to practise on!