Thursday, December 20, 2012

Concierto de Ensambles 17 de Diciembre 2012

I started the week with the ensambles concert and Io took some great photos of me dancing and singing with our cajon and canto class. It was super fun. I am really glad she took a video of "You are my sunshine". I taught the kids the lyrics in English and accompanied it with my violin. It was great! I was happy to bring back memories of my dad singing it to me when I was a kid.

The auditorium was quite full and the parents were out in full swing with their cameras. I am sure it is going to be super exciting for me and Marco when we see our kids stomping around and banging on instruments in early stimulation and especially when they play instruments. At one point Diego, our camera guy/secretary asked the parent of the kid dressed up as a duck to get control of her child since he was running around all over the place and interrupting the show. Haha!

 I adore the early stimulation kids. They made my night. The bunny rabbit running around with his carrot and the butterfly chasing him around like a lovestruck girl. Haha. It was super cute. 

 Singing An Old Austrian went yodeling in Spanish


 Cajon 1


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