Sunday, December 23, 2012

Concierto de Violines 20 de Diciembre 2012

The violin concert was a success! It went a little long and we had to cut out a few songs from the pyramid at the end to make sure the little ones were still awake to play, but overall it went really well. We have over 60 students among Melissa, Suzanne, and me and we had over 20 solos so it was bound to be a bit longer than usual. I am super proud of all of my student that played solos and all of the others that played as well. Three of my students didn't make it, two because they forgot. Not really sure how it slipped by them or their mother but it's all good. They got to play in the trio concert earlier this month and did a nice job. 

I was very impressed by how everyone dressed up as well. We didn't go with the traditional Suzuki attire of white shirts and black pants but told everyone to dress up nicely. Most of the girls wore really pretty dresses, many of them first communion dresses (all white). There were lots of boys in suits as well. It was great to see and it made for some really nice pictures.

I am going to miss my students so much. They were really wonderful, all of them, in their own ways. I am so happy that I was able to spread some music and violin knowledge to them in my short time with all of them. It is especially gratifying to see the littlest ones playing the monkey song or twinkle twinkle after a good year of work if not a bit more. The foundation is so important and I hope that I have given them a good one so they can continue on and become not only wonderful violinist but great people as well, just as Suzuki would have wanted.

Here are some pictures from Thursday night.

 Me and my two littlest students Luciana and Antonella

Suzanne leading Concerto in E with her group class students

Supporting Sebasthian as he played Twinkle Variation Gran Mami Gran Papi

I ended up printing this photo out for each one of the wonderful ladies in this photo. I think it is super cute and I put mine in a frame that will go up in my studio when I am in Lima. :)

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