Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome Back to the Land of the Large and home of the Green!

Haha! The first thing I noticed when I got into Chicago was how green it is here. It smelled so good too, even right outside the airport! There is more space and there are so many TREES! I want to write a little bit about my actual trip on the planes.
On Saturday I boarded a plane to Lima from Cusco. It was the most difficult good-bye I have ever said even though I knew that I would be coming back. 7 weeks is not a short amount of time and it’s only going to feel longer for Marco since he is not changing his routine and going to a completely different country for that amount of time, nor is he getting to lead trips. I think about him constantly and thank goodness I have a cell phone now that takes pictures so I can quickly snap a photo and send it to him. Anyway, I was picked up by Marco’s cousin and we headed to her place for the day. I had a great time chatting with her and we ended up talking all morning until I had to leave to have lunch with Angela. It was really nice catching up with her. She seems to be really happy in Lima and she is settling in. She had just bought new furniture for her new place. Nothing like moving out of the parents house finally!
On Saturday I had an 11am flight with Spirit airlines. We left more or less on time and I read the entire Outward Bound Wilderness First Aid Handbook during my 5 and a half hour flight. I needed to brush up on my medical protocols for camp. I also had the luxury of having no one in the middle seat so I could spread out.
Florida was a trip and a half watching from the plane. Wetlands are awesome! We also flew through a bit of a thunderstorm. (The storms were even crazier from Florida to Chicago!) I got in and met Christy and Andy during our wait to go through US customs. They are studying PT (I think she graduated this year) and met last year and decided to go to Peru for an adventure.  How fun!
After re-checking my bag for my flight to Chicago I went up the stairs to find a Sbarro pizzeria! YES!! REAL PIZZA! Haha! It was so good and the slice was so enormous! The quantity of pop was insane as well. Gotta love giant portions in the US. I must admit that in Peru you get pretty large quantities of food too though. Anyway, I sabored the cheese and mushroom pizza and root beer.
I heard on the intercom that my flight had been delayed due to bad weather so I had two hours to pass in the airport. I wanted to call my mother so I politely asked a man in front of me sitting if I could use his cell phone. He was super friendly and said sure. We ended up chatting for a bit and he told me he was from Detroit and worked in the housing industry and just came to Florida to hang with a friend from high school and get a little sun. I didn’t blame him. We talked about Peru and the States and he told me that Detroit is the murder capitol of the United States. That’s crazy but unfortunately, I am not surprised. After the car industry tanked that city went down as well. It’s funny how people always ask me if Peru is safe and if I feel safe there because people always think of South American countries as being unsafe when they should just look in their backyard to cities in the States that are just as bad or worse! The States is not immune to anything and crime is one of those things.
I boarded the plane and who did I end up sitting next to but Christy and Andy from the customs line! We chatted for a while and we got yelled at by a girl in front of us for being too loud. Oops!
By the time we finally got in at midnight I was ready for my bed. I waited in a line for a taxi for 15 minutes and ended up home at 1:45am. I chatted with my mom for a bit and passed out. It felt so good to not be sitting in a plane. Thank goodness we Peru is in the same time zone and I didn’t have to deal with jetlag too!

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