Saturday, September 18, 2010

Somewhat Broken Computer but No Broken Heart

Well, I figured this would probably happen. My computer is being really weird and only booting in safe mode. On top of that it only types in caps even though the caps lock is not on. Everything opens and functions very slowly. It´s frustrating but not the worst thing. I don´t have internet at my house and I use the computers at Maximo pretty much every day. The only thing that is annoying is that I can´t type on it if I want to. Being stuck in caps lock means something is definitely wrong with the keyboard. I know there is an apple store in Lima but the question is, when will I be in Lima next or when will someone I know be going to Lima who might take it with them? Oh well. I am not dependent on my computer. I bought one used because I knew it might die. Optimism will prevail. Haha.

In other news I met informally with some people from Tucan Travel and they are interested in setting up an interview for November when they have a better idea of who they will need at the end of February! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have still managed to stay healthy which is great. I have been cooking a lot for myself. Lots of rice and onions and tuna. Mmm mmm. I need to cut back on the crackers a bit though. They are just soo good. I am also thinking of joining a gym possibly. Maybe I will start doing Yoga with some of the girls at work during the week. They say it´s great.

I am off to play some volleyball with co-workers in Parque Zonal. Chao!!


  1. Did you ever solve the CD-stuck-in-the-drive problem? A friend of mine told me that he had the same trouble and cured it by plugging his Apple laptop into the wall with the power adapter. It was only when running on battery that the CD would not eject.

    Be sure to let me know when your peanut butter long-term-survival-kit arrives. I am hoping it doesn't get swiped by a postal employee with sticky fingers.

  2. I just held down the eject button when it booted up and the CD popped right out. I am pretty sure it´s a hard drive problem at this point. It´s super slow and stuck in caps and doing all sorts of funky things. I am definitely going to get some help at the Apple store if I ever get a chance to go to Lima.

    As for the package, I am going to check with SAE today to see if it has gotten there. :)