Friday, September 24, 2010

A little bit of Mozart and Grammar

This week my intermediate classes had a short reading on Mozart, the child prodigy and musical genious. It made me nostalgic because I have fond memories of watching ¨The Magic Flute¨ and ¨The Marriage of Figaro¨ as a child and loving them. I was sad when I realized I had no Mozart on my Ipod. What a shame! I wanted to play my students some music. Most of them had never heard of Mozart. Now that´s a shame. I love classical music and have recently been listening to more of it. I have a wonderful Baroque album of Yo-Yo Ma´s. It´s great background music for any occasion. :)

In other news I got a package from my Dad!!! It had Jif peanut butter and Kiss My Face lotion in it! What a wonderful package. If anyone wants to send me anything feel free to do so and send it to
Amy Brown C/O South American Explorers
Apartado 500
Cusco Peru

Letters a welcomed (especially since they are cheaper to send than packages). If you write me I WILL write back, guaranteed.

There is only one more day of class before all the students either take quizes or exams. All I have to do this weekend is prepare jeopary games for a few of my classes. I am looking forward to resting. I have a little bit of a cold and I don´t want it to get any worse. I am definitely staying in tonight and getting a lot of sleep. I hope I feel well enough to play volleyball tomorrow. It was so much fun last weekend. I miss playing sports so it is nice to have something to look forward to every Saturday.

I also have plans to do a bit more weekend traveling. I really want to go to Maras Moray which is a ruin about an hour away. I also would like to go to Quillabamba which is towards the Amazon and I might have the opportunity to do so this next weekend with my roommate Whitney. It´s really important that I travel a bit especially if I want to get the job with Tucan. Any travel experience around here will do nothing but help my chances I am sure.

Tomorrow there is a potluck at an apartment of some of the teachers here. I´m looking foward to it. I am going to make pasta salad. I´ve never made it before but I am sure it won´t be too difficult. Now, if I could find some feta cheese...

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  1. As a matter of fact, Moray is not a ruin but an archaeological site, and it is a unique one. The best way to visit it is on a bycicle and then go down to the Salineras de Maras.
    Congratulations for your blog!
    mine is