Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hard at Work

Today is Review Day which means everyone is trying to finish up grading before we all go insane. Fortunately I finished the majority of my grading the past two days. I also managed to read 430 pages in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet´s Nest while my students were taking their quizzes or exams. I only had to grade 12 exams today after our teacher meeting. You´d think grading days are better than work days but after a while it gets a bit monotonous. It was pay day today though so that helped. I am happy because only 7 or 8 of my students didn´t pass their exam or quiz. I must have done somewhat of a good job right?

Tomorrow is our mandatory service day at Maximo. All of the teachers will be going to Taray and helping build houses. I´m looking forward to it. We get paid too which is funny because it is a service day. It is mandatory though so it makes sense that we are paid. I´d be down either way. I´m excited to visit a new place.

Speaking of new places, I am going on a bike ride to the Maras salt mines and Moray which is an archeological site. I´m pumped! I´m finally going to be back on a bike. I miss mine so much. It´s really too bad it was stolen two days before I left. Poor mom won´t get to ride it while I am gone.

Other than that my plan is to take it easy today and finish my book. There is a farewell party for Carl who was a teacher here and just finished his last month. He is going back to England to go to University. He´s only 19! That´s crazy to me. I cannot imagine moving to another country and teaching and then going back home to go to college. That´d be rough. I´m glad I don´t have to do that. I can stay here as long as I want potentially! :) Don´t worry, I will come back at some point even if it´s just to visit.


  1. I remember helping your Aunt Lori grade some papers once. BORING. And I only did a few.

  2. Dad, didn't you say you wanted to be a teacher at one point?