Friday, September 10, 2010

It´s the Weekend!!

I´ve made it through my first full week of teaching and couldn´t be happier! I ended today with some race to the board games with my basic classes that culminated in peanut M&Ms being passed out and consumed. I also played the song ¨Let me Love You¨ by Mario to my Pre-intermediate class that is learning about how to give advice using the word should. It was awesome! Apparently it was so cool that one of my coworkers decided to use the song too in his class. Score! It´s been a great week!

A few fun things that have happened this weekend:

I found a lamp for my room at El Molino which is, according to Ian (a coworker of mine), what the bastard child of a mall and a flea market would be. It´s pretty accurate actually. There is everything from DVDs to shoes to tacky toys and towels. I picked up some soap, a towel, a lamp, a couple bulbs and a pair of scissors. It was a successful trip.

Whitney, who is one of my apartment mates went on a walk with me earlier in the week when I was searching for a lamp and we found some great shops over near the San Pedro market. After payday we plan on heading over there to see what we can find. I wouldn´t mind getting a few more tops.

I made friends with one of my apartment mates named Roberto. He is in his 40s and has three kids that visit him on the weekends usually. He is an architect and has a beautiful drawing on his wall. He lent me a book of Peruvian poetry and also brought me nails so that I can put up my mirror. He is a very nice man. Some may think it´s weird that I live with two older men but I rarely see the other one and they are both clean. I have had to replace TP and soap though because no one else was doing it and I refuse to live without TP and soap even if I have to throw it in a bucket instead of in the toilet. That´s a luxury of the US that I forgot about until I got here. Throwing your dirty TP in a trash can next to the toilet makes for a smelly bathroom after a little while.

I went to an open mic on Wednesday night with Whitney. It was super fun and next week I think I might sing! I also met a former student of Whitney´s named Josed who I am going to climb to Christo Blanco with tomorrow morning. Christo Blanco is a statue of Christ that is white and on top of a hill that overlooks Cusco. I´m looking forward to the view. I will make sure to post pictures.

Other than that, things are good. I am going out tonight with some coworkers and there is a potluck tomorrow at one of their places. I am going to make a rice and veggie dish of some sort. Simple and quick.


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