Thursday, July 7, 2011

Puerto Madero and La Boca

Yesterday was a wonderful day of sightseeing and souvenir shopping. I met up with Roxana, Marco´s cousin in the morning for a cup of coffee and to give her her birthday gift from Marco. She was super sweet and showed me pictures of her gorda as she calls Mia, her daughter.After coffee she headed to work and I headed to Puerto Madero. It was beautiful. I walked all the way down it and into La Boca. On my way I passed a few boat museums and a cool bridge called Puente de La Mujer or Woman Bridge. I saw a few kayakers head underneath it and that definitly made me jealous. I would love to do some kayaking, especially sea kayaking. The last time I was in a kayak was in Georgian bay in 2009.

After about an hour or so of walking around and into La Boca, I finally found the tourist street ¨caminito¨ filled with brightly painted buildings, drawings of tango dancers and actual tango dancers performing at parillas or Argentine grillhouses. I sat down at one and had a steak for 10 US dollars. It was more expensive than what I would´ve paid somewhere else in town but oh well, it was worth it. It was delicious. I am hoping to get to the club Milonga tonight to take a tango class before watching a classmate from this week play the piano with her tango group. This picture is of the corner of the street. Gotta love the lampost and the statue of a person looking over the balcony. There was a lot of that. It reminded me a bit of an oldschool burlesque circus without the burlseque dancing of course.

Finally, I headed back to the apartment before heading out one more time to eat more parilla with Roxana and Mia. We went to a place called Sofia and at this delicious mixture of meat. We had wonderful conversation and I had a fun time playing with Mia. She is quite the singer. I hope to see her again some day but who knows when I will be back in Buenos Aires or when she will come to Peru. I enjoyed getting to know some of Marco´s family. They were the first two!

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