Monday, July 4, 2011

Friends in Buenos Aires

I have had the wonderful fortune of being able to meet up with three friends from different parts of my life. First, I met up with Cameron (whom I worked with in Cusco at Maximo) on Thursday for a tour around Palermo and a bit of the city. We saw the flower that used to open in the morning and close at night but it´s broken now. It was still pretty and fun to see though. We had a good two hour lunch and caught up. I learned a lot about Porteñan culture (Porteños are from Buenos Aires. Puerto means port in Spanish and someone from the port is a porteño meaning Buenos Aires citizen.)

The following day I met up with my friend Sara whom I know from Camp Echo. We made a dry run of the route I would be taking to get to my class and ate a cute little place called Pierena. We had personal pizzas that were made on a thick bread and absolutely delicious! I was told that there was good pizza here and I am happy I was able to eat some!

After meeting up with Sara, I made my way to the US embassy and waited outside for my friend Teresa who is in Argentina on a Fullbright scholarship teaching in Chaco in the North of the country. She came out and I found out that they had to reschedule their flights due to the ash from Chile sweeping over. She headed to the airport to sort things out and I went home to get ready to go out with Cameron. Friday evening turned out to be quite fun because not only did I get to hang out with Cameron but Teresa came along too. We went to a bar called Esquina Libertad and caught the last minutes of the Copa America game between Argentina and Bolivia. (They tied.) We chatted with a few porteños and headed out. I had to get up early for class so I wasn{t trying to stay out late. (1 am was late enough!)

On Saturday Fernando came into town to hang out. He and Gabi were the ones I met when I was working at Yamanya hostel. After class we hung out at Marian and Mariano´s place (Marian is Gabi and Fer´s sister who lives in the apartment next door to Gabi) and then went out for a drink. We wanted to find a place to do karaoke but the only place we found cost 40 pesos. That´s 10 dollars too expensive for me.

I have one more morning of class tomorrow and then I am free to roam the city as a tourist again! First stop is here, an old theater that they turned into a bookstore! So EXCITED! I am also going to go to a Tango show that one of my classmates is in on Thursday evening. I definitely need to try parilla (Argentine bbq) and some Argentinian wine before I leave.

That´s all for now! I will write about my course soon but most likely after my trip. Don´t want to waste the day on the computer. :)

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