Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 Days of travel!

What a trip getting back to Cusco! I couldn't have asked for a more drawn out adventure.

Friday July 8th: I headed to the Ezeiza airport around 11am to find out at 2pm that the flight was cancelled due to the ash that was still in the air from the volcano that erupted. No problem. I spent the night reading and slept about 6 hours. No one can do anything about ash so there is no point in getting upset about a cancelled flight. They said there would be one the following day. I made sure that everything was in order for my flight to Cusco from La Paz since I knew I probably wouldn't be making that flight on Sunday morning. They assured me that it was taken care of and planned for Monday morning.

Saturday July 9th: After around 30 hours in the Ezeiza airport we finally got on a flight to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia at midnight and arrived around 3am. Here is where things started to get crappy. We were told that we would have a place to spend the night taken care of by Aero Sur but when we got to Bolivia they told us that our flight to La Paz wouldn't occur until 12:30pm the following day (Sunday). They also told us that there was no hotel or food for us even though we had a 9 hour layover. They blamed it on the ash but we were in Bolivia now. The ash isn't in Bolivia and our tickets said to La Paz, not to Santa Cruz. Oh well, another night in an airport. At least this time I had some company. I met a couple from New York named Andrea and Brian. They had been living in Argentina for a few months and were headed to Bolivia and to Peru to do some travel before heading back to the states. I hung with them until we made it to La Paz on Sunday afternoon. While I was in Bolivia I made sure to check that my flight to Cusco was still on. They said it was.

Sunday July 10th: At 12:30pm we headed to La Paz and I somehow still had to pay the airport tax in Santa Cruz even though my flight was supposed to be a connection. Grrr. When I got into La Paz I headed to Jorge's place and proceeded to take a shower and pass out until dinner time. His roommates Gonzalo and Melissa as well as Jorge and his girlfriend Maya and I went to a cafe called Beirut. I was super tired and ready to get on my plane to Cusco.

Monday July 11th: I headed to the airport at 6:30am only to find that my flight was scheduled for Tuesday. WHAT?! I was so upset. How could two different people have told me that my flight was on Monday and then I find out that it is on Tuesday on the day I was supposed to leave. I was furious but furious for me means lots and lots of tears. After calling Marco and Jorge to let them know what happened I filled out a complaint form and headed to the central office of Aero Sur to complain directly and see if I could get any compensation. Fortunately, the lady at ODECO was super nice and helped me get 150 bolivianos to help me pay for the transportation to and from the airport. It ended up being food money for the day which was needed. I also called Maria Elena at Qantu to have her all all of my students that wouldn't be having class this day since I was STILL in La Paz. The best part of the day was definitely the crepe making and eating that occurred at Jorge's. A bunch of friends of the roommates came over and we ate waaaay too many crepes, salty and sweet ones.
Melissa ate this crepe in about 15 seconds after buttering and sugaring it.
I had 5 and was done!

I am so happy to be home. I have a ridiculous amount of work to do and I am going to be performing in a circus concert at Ukukus next Thursday and we have a violin concert next friday. I have to make up a ton of classes and I have 7 news students! Yikes! It's all good though and I like being busy. As long as I have some time to practice and see my man. It felt great coming home to Marissa who said she missed me a ton at Pasta Mama. It feels good to be loved.

I also got a package full of music from my mother! YES! So happy and thankful for that.

I forgot to mention that I went to a Milonga, or a Tango bar in BA on Thursday night before I left. One of my classmates was playing so I went to see her. It was awesome and impressive to see everyone dancing tango. It's such a sexy dance.

I am off to teach my first group class today! Wish me luck!

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