Thursday, January 3, 2013

Packing and Waiting

Since a little after Christmas, Marco and I have been packing up our stuff. It only took us a few days to do it and now we are sitting and waiting for his order to come from Lima giving him the green light to move. That's all nice and dandy but the only problem is that we have no idea when this order is going to come. It could be tomorrow or it could be in another week. There is no guarantee at all. Meanwhile, I have lots of time to wander and use internet at various places (Starbucks right now and the Muse earlier) and have lunch with people (Emily and Claudio today and hopefully Elizabeth tomorrow). There are some soldiers working on fixing up the house right now such as painting the walls and cupboards and fixing the wood floor so that it is in tip top shape for the captain who is going to be moving in.

One fun thing about moving in Peru is that if you use a carrier that isn't a private car or truck you have to wrap all of your boxes up in seran wrap or else they won't take your boxes. What a waste of plastic right? It protects against rain I guess but hopefully the boxes won't be spending much time out in the rain. No need to worry about rain in Lima, just Cusco.

I am really hoping to leave for Lima by the weekend so that I can have some time to settle in a bit before I have to be at the Suzuki Festival on the 14th of January. Worst case scenario, I take a flight or a bus last minute to Lima so I can get to my class on time. The good thing is that we are already paying for the apartment so I will have a place to go.

Wish me luck and lots of patience. Hopefully, Claudio and I will be playing tonight and tomorrow night to make a bit more cash before heading out. He is also going to Lima and traveling this January and February.

Here are some pictures of the process....

 Before plastic wrapping everything...Pepe is a huge help obviously.

 After plastic wrapping and a few glasses of wine. Not bad!

My dresser also plastic wrapped.


  1. Per waiting for the military to issue orders, don't forget that SNAFU and FUBAR were both created in the military.

    SNAFU - Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.
    FUBAR - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.