Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday Number 3 in Cusco!

It's my birthday and I will smile if I want to, smile if I want to, laugh if I want to. Seriously, it's been a great day so far. Marco woke me up when he rang the doorbell. He had forgotten his key so he had to ring the bell. Haha, no problem. I can go back to sleep after practically anything. He then made me breakfast in bed with orange juice and strawberry juice with honeydew melon, bread and sunny side up eggs. I couldn't have asked for anything more delicious. I was very appreciative and let him know.

After breakfast we headed up to the Temple of the Moon where we took a horseback ride around the ruins. I wanted to run so we ran for a decent amount. Of course, I was a bit weary since I have heard and seen all sorts of accidents to the head when riding a horse. Not wearing a helmet is super stupid no matter what your technical training is or however comfortable you feel on a horse. They are huge animals and can decide to act crazy at any point. There is no guarantee that you won't fall off and hit your head or break a bone. Hurting my head would be worse than breaking a bone unless the bone was my back and caused me to be paralyzed. That would be awful. Anyway, apart from being a bit nervous about having no helmet, I had a great time and ran a lot with Palomo. Marco's horse was not as excited to run as mine was nor as excited as the one that the kid who guided us was riding. That horse loved to run and ran like a crazy horse. We ended up switching horses so I rode the one that Marco had. Haha, I got it to run for me. I didn't like how it trotted but its canter was pretty smooth. Galloping would have been awesome but I wouldn't have wanted to do that unless I had a helmet.

Last night Marco and I went to Chicha and had a delicious dinner. I had risotto de la sierra y costa that had octopus, shrimp, trough, onion, tomato and a delicious risotto. I also had a drink called Cusqueñita which was a pisco and strawberry drink. It was delicious. Marco had rocoto relleno with chicha morada. We shared a chocolate souflee which was very tasty. I was super happy with the quality of food. I had heard a few not so wonderful reviews but I was impressed with the food. The restaurant is owned by Gaston Acurio who is the number one chef in Peru. The only bad thing I have to say about the place is that it took a really long time to get the drinks. The food came pretty quickly though.

It has rained a lot lately but fortunately, each time we wanted to do something this weekend we had pretty good weather. The horseback riding today was great, and going out dancing on Saturday night was rain free for the most part. It rained before we got to Chicha last night but we had Marco's car and there was a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. The biggest downside to the rainy season is doing laundry. It takes a lot longer for clothes to dry on the line and if you don't remember that your clothes are on the line they might end up getting wetter than they were in the first place. Oops.

I have had an absolutely wonderful birthday. I am so happy that Marco took off the day to spend it with me. We are about to go pick up my birthday cake from El Hada, the best heladeria in town. The cake is so delicious. It's butter cream and it's salty sweet. I love it. We are going to make tequeños tonight and drink some cusqueña beer and watch a movie. It is the perfect birthday for me.

I am also very thankful for all the birthday love I have gotten on facebook. It doesn't take much to write on someone's wall and tell them happy birthday and it makes the person's day whose birthday it is.

This picture is from Saturday night at the Muse. We danced Salsa!

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