Thursday, November 29, 2012

Belated Thanks

 (A week late)

  I am so sorry that I am late with this post but I think it is never too late to say thank you for the things that make us happy!

So here is my list of things that I am thankful for!

1. My family. This includes all my extended family too including my in laws on Marco's side, even though I don't know many of them personally. I am very thankful for family because they are the ones who support you through everything including moving to another country permanently. There is less face time but that doesn't mean I love them any less or that I think about them any less. I love you very much mom, dad, and Roger! You guys are the best family anyone could ask for!

2. Marco! He is the love of my life and makes helps me be a better person every day. I seriously love him more and more every day. I love that he supports me and respects me and makes sure to explain to me why I might be acting crazy about something. Thank you for calming me down when I need it and making me food and bringing me medicine and taking care of me all the time! You are the best partner anyone could ever ask for! I am so happy to be spending my life with you!

3. My awesome friends. This includes those who I have very limited contact with. You all have made an impact on me in some way, whether it be making me smile or being there for me when I am having a bad day. I appreciate the support and love I get from all my friends. I appreciate all my facebook friends too. I have an absurd amount of them but I still appreciate all of them, even if I haven't talked to many of them in person in quite a few years. 

4. My doggy! Pepe brings me so much joy and happiness. He makes me crazy sometimes too but that is normal and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love playing with him and I love that he greets me every day when I come home with kisses. He is the best. Thank you Zara for letting us have him!

5. My job. I love my job. I love teaching. I love music. I love kids! I am so lucky to have all of that in one job. I look forward to going to work every day and seeing my students progress in their playing and studies. It's so exciting and I am so proud to be a part of it. I am going to be so sad to leave all of my students behind when I move to Lima in a month. They mean a lot to me and I am so grateful to Qantu. Angela, and Flor, for giving me the chance to try something new. I am thankful that they had faith in me and I gave me a job even though I wasn't technically certified to be doing it in the beginning. Patience and loving kindness and a bit of faith have given me quite a lot! Thank you!

6. The Peruvian Military. I know, you are thinking what? Seriously though. I am grateful that they gave us a house, well that they gave Marco a house that I have been able to live in for the past year almost. They are also going to give us one when we move to Lima eventually. I am grateful that they provide for their employees and that there are lots of facilities for me to use in Lima like a gym and a pool in the circulo militar. 

7. My bandmates. I am so lucky to have met great people with whom I can play really fun music and make money with. I have thoroughly enjoyed singing and playing with the Guardians, Claudio, David, and Alvaro. It's been a blast and an extra income. I couldn't be more thankful to be doing what I love and making a living from it. I have also made some great friends in the process. 

8. Peru! This country has given me a lot. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful things that have come my way in the form of people and job opportunities. 

9. The USA! I also have to be thankful for where I came from and the opportunities and privileges that I had growing up that allowed me to get to the place where I am today. 

10. I am also thankful for myself and my ability to be independent and a strong individual. I am the eternal optimist and because of that my life has turned out pretty fantastic so far. Thank you me for being awesome. I love you and don't ever let anyone make you feel less about yourself. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey filled Thanksgiving! I spent mine chowing down with fellow expats at my friend Elizabeth and Erik's apartment (Another Peruvian American couple). It was super fun. I wish I could have stayed longer but The Guardians played at Saqras that night. I did, however, get to share two pumpkin pies with everyone and they were all gone when I went by to pick up the dishes the next day. Thank you mom for sending me the Libby's pumpkin mix. Totally worth it! YUM!


  1. Amy,amor de mi vida, permíteme unirme a este agradecimiento tuyo,yo quiero primeramente agradecer a Dios por haber permitido conocer a una persona tan maravillosa como tu,gracias a ti por ser como eres y por darme tanta felicidad dia a dia...te amo y estoy felíz de compartir mi vida contigo.

  2. AAAAWW! Amor, tu eres lo mejor! Te amo totalmente!

  3. AWWW!! That is too adorable! =) I already loved the post, but Marco's comment was just the icing on the cake. You guys are too cute. =)