Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Paseo

I went to Huambutio today to celebrate Flor, my director's, birthday. Well, I guess it is called Vlicabamba but we spent a decent hour in Huambutio not knowing where to go. Fortunately, Fil answered his phone and let us know where to go. We would never have found the place if we hadn't been able to reach him. It turned out to be a really beautiful place that can house up to 30 people at a time if necessary. There were 16 beds in one of the rooms we saw.

When Marco and I got there everyone had finished eating lunch. Fortunately, there was more for us and we enjoyed lechon (pig ribs) along with two tamales and a baked cheesy potato dish. It was delicious! We drank chicha morada and wine. After eating the kids went out to play and we chatted a bit inside before heading out and enjoying the sun for a little bit. The weather here has been so hot lately and the sun has been burning more than making anyone feel warm and comfortable. It should be raining all the time now but it had been really hot. Yay global warming! Anyway, Marco and I checked out the rooms and watched the kids play Mata la Gente which is like a dodgeball game. Flor came inside and asked everyone to come out and play a game of "futbol" which was really a circle game. (I love circle games. I think it is the camp counselor in me.) Every other person was on a different team. Flor gave a set of keys to one team on one end of the circle and a set of keys to the other end and the object was to get the set of keys to the other end of the circle. The hard part is that in between each team member of team A is a team member from team B trying to block the pass of the keys to the next person. No one is allowed to throw the keys and you aren't supposed to use your hands. Of course, we ended up with some tramposos or cheaters but it was super fun. We all had a good laugh.

We hung out for a little while after that. I joined a bit of volleying with Fil and some of the girls. He is hilarious. We would have taken some people back but apparently there was a car coming to pick everyone up. I hate leaving people behind that need rides but fortunately, there was no one that needed a ride. I am really glad that Flor enjoyed her birthday. It is tomorrow but we had this little gathering for her. The kids want to have a Qantu campamento at the house and I don't blame them. I think it would be super fun but probably a safer bet when it is the dry season. Overall, it was a really nice paseo.

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