Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paseo en el Valle Sagrado

What a great Sunday! Marco and I took the entire day to cruise the Sacred Valley starting with Lucre, a little town next to a lagoon known for it's delicious postres (desserts) as well as arroz con pato (rice with duck). We tried both but backwards. We went into the pasteleria to find ourselves surrounded by cow knick knacks (cachivaches is what I would call it in Spanish.) The first thing that came to mind was my second cousin Maggie who I remember loved cows and had tons of cow stuff. One must be very careful when declaring his or her love for an animal because everyone will remember and said person will soon have a room or house full of said animal. Haha, anyway I was thinking about getting something for Marco's mother because she likes cows (she has a real one!). We asked about the stuff and the guy working told us that it was a private collection. Bummer!! Oh well, it was still fun being in there. You would never guess that a little town near Cusco would have a pastry shop filled with cow stuff like you might see in the country in the States. I have a feeling a lot of the stuff is from the states since a lot of it is in English.

The arroz con pato was delicious. We ate at a place called El Tambo and it was beautiful. We ate in the garden and enjoyed the wonderful weather and flora around us while chowing down on a huge plate of duck and rice.

On the topic of things you wouldn't imagine seeing in a pastry shop in Lucre, Peru is a cake called Obama. No joke. It was an Obama cake. Check out the picture. I had to indulge and try out my president in cake form. I have to say I was quite satisfied. It was light and fluffy on one end and I think it had coffee chips in it. Mmm delicious. Who'd a thunk?

After Lucre we made our way to Señor de Huanca to pay our respects and our final stop was in Pisac. We wanted to get some chompas (sweaters) in Pisac because they are cheaper there and there is a ton of variety. I gave my green one to my cousin so I had to get another one. This time it was orange and yellow but the same style with llamas in the middle and a zipper up the middle. Marco wanted a gray one with llamas but ended up getting one that was very swank and looks fantastic on him. It is gray with designs on the collar and wrists. It is a 1/4 zip at the top.

We had to go to the pool. Who goes to Pisac to relax and doesn't go to the pool? I remember the last time we were there they said they were closing for a month or so to renovate and heat the pool. I don't think that the pool is heated but they raised the floor that means the water in general stays warmer from the sun. I did notice some panels on the ceiling though and that might offset the heating of the little Jacuzzi pool in the back. Either way it is nice to have an olympic sized pool that is 4 feet everywhere. Honestly, since there are no diving boards (other than the blocks) there is no reason to have a super deep pool. I helped Marco perfect his freestyle technique. It's not bad but his head could be a bit lower when he lifts it to breath. Swimming for the military means keeping your head above the water most of the time I believe so I don't blame him for wanting to have his head higher than it should be for a good freestyle stroke.

On our way back we stopped for a moment at Christo Blanco to admire the kite flyers. Apparently right now is the time for kites. I think it is cool how kites are popular in so many cultures. It doesn't seem all that entertaining but it is .When we got back to the house we watched American Reunion and shared a Pizza from Chez Maggy. It was a great Sunday.

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