Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amy and The Soul System

I am singing and playing in another band! Well, there are only two of us at this point but we are going to get bigger with a bassist and a drummer next month hopefully. My friend Claudio, whom I met while living at Yamanya hostel and whom I played a few gigs with during that time, asked me if I wanted to sing with him again and add my violin. We sing soul, jazz, blues, and even some rockabilly. It's really fun because it is a sound that is really different than that of The Guardians. On top of that we are working on a jazz, samba, and bossa nova set that is just instrumental so that we can play in more luxurious hotels and restaurants where we can make the big bucks. :) We have a weekly gig at Frogs on Thursdays now and at Dragon's Palate on Friday night.

The only problem I have right now is that I need to buy an amp, a mic stand, a mic and a cord. I am thinking it will be around $200 for all of it but it will be worth it since we would like to keep playing in places like Dragon's Palate and in other restaurants and hotels that don't have any sound systems.

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