Friday, March 16, 2012

Visa Denied

I am so bummed. Marco was denied a visa to the States today. They are worried he is going to go to the States and try and stay there. It makes me so mad!! He did everything correctly and he go denied because he told the truth about his civil status here in Peru and because of that no visa. He just wanted to visit! It's so frustrating that thousands of people enter the United States every year illegally and end up staying there for a long time or becoming citizens and those that want to come visit and do it legally are punished and denied visas. With a visa he would be under surveillance so it wouldn't be like he was undocumented or anything like that. I really don't understand. I guess all the embassy sees is that he wants to run away to the States with some girl he met in Cusco. There is nothing I can do and I can't wallow so I will go to the States in May and enjoy my time as much as possible and come back to Peru in July.

Speaking of going to the States. I am actually kind of nervous about it. I am not looking forward to the reverse culture shock. I really like my life here in Peru with my job and how my routine is, my boyfriend, and the cost of living. I miss my family and some friends in the states but I am so happy here. It's going to be really weird. I am looking forward to going to camp though. I can't wait to see people and play outdoors all day. That will be good for me.

All in all I have to stay positive. Even though I have had some tears they won't do anything and if it takes a few more years before Marco can actually come to the states with me, so be it. The most important thing to me is that we are happy together. We'll get to Evanston one day and he'll finally be able to see where I grew up but for now, we'll continue on with our lives in Peru. :)


  1. sad face :( from one gringa with a visa-less latino boyfriend to another! in the future, you may want to beg a family member or "well-established" person in the States to officially sponsor him (ie take legal responsibility for him while he's in the USA). i did it with a young male penniless friend and it worked. they also judge based on physical appearance (yes, a foreign service agent actually told me that). it sucks but khakis, an expensive polo shirt and a nice watch can actually determine things like this. blah.

  2. That is SOO frustrating, Amy! I know two people who applied for tourist visas before applying for marriage visas and got rejected. =( I guess the logic is "If you're together, you should just apply for a marriage visa."

    And I so hear you on loving the lifestyle and feeling so truly happy here in Peru! Surprisingly, I didn't have reverse culture shock the times that I went back though. I think we're always more adaptable than we might believe. =)

    P.S. SOO glad we're now in touch! =)

  3. That's a big bummer. At least you have a positive outlook on it though. Have a great time coming back to the US as crazy weird as it may be to return.