Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Year Anniversary

I am beyond happy to announce that Marco and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Sunday. I had originally made an appointment for Saturday afternoon for joint massages but the bus that was supposed to bring Marco back from Lima safely by Saturday at 2pm had an accident near Nazca in the evening before. Fortunately, it was just a brush alongside the mountain and no one was injured. The bus was busted though. Everyone had to spend the night in Nazca and wait for another bus to come and continue the journey at 9am the next day. This meant Marco didn't get home until midnight on Saturday. No worries. I was just happy that he was safe and back home in my arms.

I rescheduled the massages for Sunday and they were wonderful. We went to lunch at El Paisa and had duck with rice and seafood with rice. We love El Paisa for its ceviche and chicharron but this day we decided to eat something different. We made our way to Yin Yang Massage in Galerias la Merced on Sol Ave. for our one hour massages. They were WONDERFUL. Seriously, I am thinking that once a month I will be going in for a massage. It's 75 soles which is roughly $28. A full body one hour massage for $28 is a steal! They are great therapists too. Afterward we headed back to the house and watched the movie Burlesque on HBO. It was a chill day and absolutely perfect.

We were planning on going out on Saturday night but due to the delay in bus arrival we decided we would go out on Valentines Day and that's exactly what we did! Valentine's was great. I worked at the South American Explorers Clubhouse and then had lunch at Juanitos with Marco. I gave him some chocolate as a gift. :) Simple and sweet. I had a few students in the afternoon and then at 7pm Marco and I went to the pub quiz at Cross Keys. We were 2 points away from winning the bottle of wine. Marco was kicking himself for not getting the true false question correct about whether Iquitos has a bigger population that Cusco. (It does by the way but not by much.) He liked it though. Definitely a challenge for him. Afterward we went to Mythology and enjoyed some salsa dancing. It was a great night and I can't wait to have many more anniversaries to come with him!

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