Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well Hello there Buenos Aires

All right! I made it safe and sound! Yesterday I saw the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie which was quite entertaining. Gotta love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, even if it is dubbed in Spanish. Whoever the guy was who dubbed him was good too. I also indulged in a donut that was absolutely delicious. It´s probably a good thing they don´t have them all over Cusco. I would be super fat. I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to find a pair of jeans. Well, I went to a store at the Shopping Norte mall and the only ones that fit me were high waisted and 360 bolivianos which is roughly 60 dollar. No thanks. I went outside and around the corner and found a nice store that was going out of business and everything was 50% to 70% off. I, thankfully, found a pair of jeans that fit me as well as a shirt for Marco that I think he will like. It pays hommage to the Wright Brothers with design pictures of planes. He works with war materials, some of which include planes, close enough right? Haha. After buying them I realized that there were some cute clothes on the rack and since the jeans and the shirt only cost 175 bolivianos (25 dollars) maybe I would find some other good stuff. I definitely did. Three shirts later and another 120 bolivianos later I left the store a happy girl. I really dislike shopping for jeans because it takes forever to find a pair that fits me. I don´t even remember the last time I went clothes shopping. It was probably at Target last year some time. Sometimes, especially when your jeans rip, it´s a necessary evil to undertake.

I called Jorge who was just about to head out the door to spend the night with his girlfriend. I am glad I caught him. I headed over to his place and met his two temporary roommates, Melissa (from France) and Gonzalo (from Lima Peru). Melissa is working with an NGO and Gonzalo is there for the ride taking some French classes in the meantime. They met last year when they went to school together in Lima. Super cute couple. We had dinner together at a German cafe that I just so happened to have visited on my last trip to La Paz, go figure. During dinner I realized that I had forgotton my pack towel at the hostel so I called them and sure enough, they had it. I made my way back to pick up but totally forgot that I left my patagonia cap 3 shirt that I like to sleep in as well. Oh well. Things are things. Everything goes eventually (Thank you wonderful buddism book that I am reading right now called Stumbling Toward Enlightenment by Geri Larken).

Continuing on my trip, I woke up nice and early this morning and took a private cab ride to the airport where I proceeded to solve 13 sudoku puzzles while waiting for my flight to arrive. Everything went smoothly and we made it to Santa Cruz without a hitch. When I went through immigration the officer took a while looking at my passport and my visa. Why? I have no idea but he eventually let me leave the country. On the flight to BA I met a nice guy named Percy who is Bolivian and works for Avon. (Yup, Avon, the cosmetic company.) He was super nice and told me about Buenos Aires and places I should eat if I get the chance. I definitely have to try out the pizza here and the meat. Mmmm meat.

Once I landed I headed to the Manuel Tienda Leon bus counter and bought a ticket to take me directly to my friend´s apartment. It was great service with a coach bus to their station and then a private taxi to the apartment. The one thing that struck me when I was on the bus was how much the landscape reminded me of Illinois with the different types of trees and prairie. I was immediately in a good mood. I knew Argentina would be awesome and this just makes it feel like home. Don´t get me wrong, I am so ready for the difference in culture. I am having more culture shock from living in Cusco and coming to Buenos Aires than anything. First of all, I miss the llamada ladies who stand around with neon green cloth and let you dial anyone you need to. Fortunately, I found a payphone and after 15 minutes and was able to call Gabi. She let me know that the bell boy had the key for me so I was able to get in and now I am writing my entry! Que vacan or here they say Que barabaro! I love it.

Well, Gabi just walked in the door so I am off for now! Until the next post!

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