Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Concert and Festivities

I went to a concert put on by Sergio and Flor last night with Marco. Sergio plays the cello and Flor, the piano. It was wonderful and absolutely what I have been missing in Cusco. Two nights before I played in a concert for the Wanchaq Municipality workers with the youth orchestra we have and I got to hear the Cusco Symphony Orchestra play a bit, but other than that it's been mostly huayno (music of the area that gets tiring after one of two songs and is only slightly remedied by being played on instruments without any voice) or disco music. Anyway, Sergio played Vivaldi's Sonata V, J.S. Bach's Suite II, and Sonata in G Major as well as a few traditional Andean songs to round it off. We are in Peru so why not? It was great and I am glad that Marco enjoyed it too. I asked him if he was bored at all and he said no. He takes it as an opportunity to learn about something he has absolutely no previous knowledge in. What a guy! Talk to most men (not just Peruvians) and they would tell you they would rather watch TV than go to a classical music concert. Needless to say, it made me incredibly happy to hear that. I don't expect him to fall in love with classical music but it's nice to know he shows interest in what I am interested in.

After the concert we headed down to the plaza to find tons of groups practicing and dancing in the street. There is something every day here and there isn't a single day this month that has gone by without groups practicing outside of my front door. The month of June is festival time in Cusco and there is something to watch and enjoy every day. Inti Raymi is the most well known celebration and the most ridiculous according to Marco. Last year he could barely get through the main plaza because it was so packed with people and most of them were drunk. Can't wait!! Haha, I will be helping Marissa out by selling some tasty treats from the restaurant and handing out flyers during Inti Raymi. I might head up to the ceremony in Sacsayhauman too if it isn't too crazy. There is no way I am paying for a ticket though. They range from 70 - 110 dollars. I will watch from the side, thanks. The following pictures are a few of the groups practicing and looking like they are having a grand old time! Gotta love Cusco for how much everyone wants to take part in all the festivities and dance! (The excessive drinking gets a bit old though)

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