Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Corpus Christi and Inti Raymi

*Written on Sunday, June 26th, 2011*
Festivities this week have been quite amusing and somewhat annoying at the same time. Desfiles (parades) are fun for a little while but they got old pretty quick and traffic due to the plaza being closed is also a pain in the butt. I did enjoy going to see the floats of the saints during Corpus Christi. It’s cool how Inca and Catholic customs are mixed for this holiday. The saints are paraded around the plaza just as the mummies of the great Incas were paraded around. When the Incans converted to Catholocism, they just replaced mummies with saints. Some people have a problem with it because it is like idolizing saints which is a sin according to Catholicism. Nothing should be worshipped or idolized except God. It doesn’t matter to me what they idolize but, I will say, it is interesting how Incan ceremonies such as Inti Raymi take place in front of two Catholic Churches. It’s ironic. Corpus at least has something to do with Catholicism. The mixture of indigenous culture and religion with Catholicism has always been something that has intrigued me. I find it interesting how they justify their Incan ceremonies being the Catholics that they claim to be. It seems to be a little bit like how people in the states say they are Christian but never go to church or practice the religion. Maybe it is just a way to identify themselves even though they aren’t all practicing Catholics here in Cusco. I will post pictures as soon as I get back from Buenos Aires in a few weeks.

I didn’t get any pictures of Inti Raymi (The Sun ceremony) but I did see some of the ceremony in the plaza and the unveiling of the Inca statue on top of the fountain that had been turned into a giant rock. Check it out on Google. I am sure there are pictures if you put in “Inti Raymi Cusco 2011”. I was wondering why they had the fountain covered up for so long during June, which is festival month. It all made sense after seeing it. Marco had a fun time pointing out military guys in the group of actors and dancers. I didn’t make it up to Sacsayhuaman to see the entire ceremony but instead, I moved into my new house. I now live within 5 minutes of both of my jobs. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I also have a double bed! Finally, a large bed. It´s my first large bed ever in my life! All I have to do now is by sheets for it. I am also going to buy a comoda (dresser) with three cajones (drawers). The plaza Tupac Amaru has all sorts of wooden things so when I get back I can check it out.

I am so grateful for Marco having a car and being able to help me move without using a taxi. He was even going to pick up the dresser for me on Saturday but I had other things to worry about and he was in inamovilidad (code for lockdown on the base) because of all the issues in Puno. They sent a few troops over there to lay down the law so to speak, and he was able to leave the base by the afternoon.

For now, I can’t think about much else than going to Buenos Aires. I need to get packed! I will try and update in Buenos Aires but we will see how much time I have!

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