Monday, January 3, 2011


Feliz Año Nuevo!! I hope everyone had a great time on New Years and was safe. I can’t say that I was too safe. I joined the crowds in the plaza de Armas around 11:30pm and witnessed the most ridiculous display of fireworks being set off by everyone and their children. It was kind of scary how close everyone was to fireworks and at one point I got hit by the sparks which ended up in a bit of burning and a bit of blood but it wasn’t terrible and at least I can still walk. Unfortunately, my coworker didn’t have the same fate. She got a nice chunk blown away right at the crease of her ankle so walking isn’t too fun right now.

Other than the fireworks it was so much fun being in the plaza for all the craziness. The tradition in a lot of South America is to get yellow underwear and wear it over your clothes. Yellow is the lucky color so there is yellow everywhere on New Years Eve. Yellow balloons, yellow confetti, yellow hats, and of course yellow underwear. I got a really pretty bouquet of yellow flowers for my roomy Erica to give her good luck for this year. At midnight everyone runs laps around the plaza. I made it half way around before heading back into the plaza since there were so many people. The run was more like a slow walk. Also, being in a moving crowd like that isn’t too safe when it comes to pick pocketing. Corey and I made our way into the plaza and stopped to stare at all the ridiculousness. It was so surreal! We got our hands on confetti and had fun getting people with confetti. At one point Corey tried putting some in his mouth to try and blow at me but it just ended up with him having wet confetti in his mouth. It was quite funny. Check out the pictures to see more of the craziness. I ended the night with a sandwich from my favorite sandwich lady Rosita at 1am.

So there are lots of new teachers this month since Becca, Cameron, Kate, Whitney, and Darran are all gone now. They are mostly men with the most common America names: Jonathan, Ryan, Andrew, Michael, Chandler (Ok not so common), and Sophia. This means I have a new roommate. Chandler (Yup, just like friends) is his name and he is from Texas. He is super fun and I think it is going to be a great living situation. He is a gearhead which is potentially dangerous since I love chatting about outdoor gear but I know it gets really annoying to anyone who isn’t into gear. I definitely miss Whitney but she wasn’t around that much so it didn’t feel like she lived there that much anyway. It is going to be interesting with all us getting up at the same time and needing to use the bathroom. It didn’t seem to be a problem this morning so it will probably work out. The picture below is one of the roommates.

I have decided that my new years resolution is to be more respectful to my body. I haven’t been terrible since I have been here but I need to listen to my body more and when I need to sleep I should sleep and when I am hungry I shouldn’t just put whatever is easiest to find in my mouth. I could go for less sugar. I work so much that it is often difficult to be healthy. The best thing I can do is cook for myself and bring dinner to work but I often find myself so tired at the end of the night that I don’t want to stay awake to cook when I know I could just grab something quick at the café at Maximo.

This is going to be a difficult month. I have 7 classes and I am still working 4 hours a day at the hostel. Speaking of the hostel, I have been feeling a little weird about my job there lately. There were a few girls who came in and complained about a tour they went on through us and they had a terrible time. I found out it was through Conde Travel which is a company that is known to be kind of sketchy. I am pissed because I didn’t know that the company we work with worked with Conde. I don’t know who our clients are being passed off onto with these tours because often companies will add clients to other groups because they don’t have enough people for their own trip or it is cheaper. I also had to deal with setting up pick up times on Friday night with two clients who had to move hostels etc. Needless to say it was a bit stressful. I really want everyone to have a good time, especially since they are paying more than enough for their tours. That is another thing that is a part of the business that for some reason upsets me. I know that we need to make a profit and if we didn’t there would be no point in the hostel having a tour agency, but at the same time as someone who has been on the side of looking to book tours, I know what it is like to want to find a good price. I guess it is something I just have to get used to. All I know is that I don’t plan on staying in the tourism industry as an agent. I would choose working as a guide any day over being in bookings and reservations. I will only be doing it for another 4 months or so and then off to Chile I go.

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful New years and has made some good resolutions. I hope you all can stick to them as well! ☺ The photo album on the sidebar is named Feliz Año Nuevo Twentyich because the glasses they sold looked like a 20 and a CH. What do you think?

Starting the night with sparklers.

Underwear being sold in the plaza. Gotta get your good luck charm for the night!

The night wouldn't be complete without seeing people wearing their underwear over their clothes.

A firework on it's way to the sky. (Being shot from 10 feet away of course)

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