Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas everyone! Saludos desde Santo Domingo Ecuador. I had the fortune of being able to travel and now I am in warm humid Santo Domingo, about 2 and a half hours from Quito. We had a really nice Christmas eve dinner that was more like Thanksgiving dinner with Turkey and stuffing. We also had these wonderful things called PristiƱas that tasted like funnel cake. Today we went on a little paseo through town. We check out a Sanctuary that had a wonderful view of the city and then headed to the Tsa'chilas museum which was pretty sweet. The Tsa'chilas are the indigenous people of this area formerly known as los Colorados de Santo Domingo. Tsa'chila is more PC now. They have this stuff called achote that they put on their hair and its awesome because not only does it protect them from rain but also from Malaria and other viral diseases. Not bad! I picked up some cool earrings from one of the ladies selling stuff at the end of the tour we took. We had some ice cream and then headed to Gino's (my host uncle) place to spend the evening in the hot tub. Que rico!! How cool to spend Christmas day in a warm climate and then go hot tubbing at night. When we got home tonight we have coffee and humitas which are like tamales but even richer. Mmm so good. (The picture is of the Christmas tree at my host grandma's place in Santo Domingo)

What was even better about this Christmas was getting to say hello to everyone at the Servillo Christmas eve party. It made me soooo happy. It felt like I was there and I really appreciated that. Thank you David Servillo, for installing Skype on your computer so we could communicate and see one another. I am definitely planning on being home next year for Christmas. I miss seeing snow and pretty Christmas lights twinkling through it all.

I am headed back to Cusco starting tomorrow. I fly to Guayaquil and have a ten hour layover. I might have to find a place to spend the night if they don't let me stay in the airport. I hope they do because I really don't feel like dealing with finding a place to stay. Guayaquil isn't exactly the most safe place to be roaming around at night, especially alone and as a woman with things of value on her. I am sure I can finagle my way into finding a corner of the airport to doze and watch episodes of glee as I wait for my early morning plane.
Hanging with Andi in the Cusco Airport and then later in the Lima airport. :) Soooo good to see this lovely lady.

My wonderful brother and his girlfriend Anabel.

Making PristiƱas with Mami

Achote, what the Tsa'chilas use in their hair to protect them from Malaria and other diseases.

Playing the marimba at the Tsa'chila museum

My super cute grandma and aunt.

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