Saturday, November 5, 2011

Titicaca.....nope, it´s a lake in Bolivia

Well, here I am again in Copacabana Bolivia on a quick trip across the border to renew my Peru visa. I am staying in a very nice hotel called Hotel Paraiso and for 50 Bolivianos a night I get my own room with a private bathroom connected to a warm sunny terrace and cable TV. I also can have breakfast in the morning for 10 Bolivianos extra. The internet is a bit expensive for 10 Bolivianos an hour (4 soles an hour or a little over a dollar an hour). However, there is free wi-fi which means the next time I come to Copacabana I will definitely bring my computer. Why not?

I have noticed a few things this time that I didn´t the last time I was here. People love flying kites which is fun and pretty. There are more books here than I imagined. Almost every restaurant has a book exchange and there is a bookstore/outfitter called The Spitting Llama that has books for sale or you can exchange one for another a 50% or 2 of your books for one free one from them! Not bad! I was super tempted to buy a book on our societies obsession with the internet and relationships via internet but 75 bolivianos was a bit much and also I have quite a few books to get through before I buy any more. I brought two with me which will keep me more than entertained!

Fun story about last night. I went out at 8pm to get dinner. I stopped into Pueblo Viejo where I ate the last time I was here and it was pretty good. I ordered at 8:15pm and didn´t get my food until 10 minutes to 10pm. I complained to the waitress and told her that this was unacceptable. I should get a discount of some sort. She didn´t do anything and just apologized. I ate my food which was a bit cold and on the table I left her 5 bolivianos less than what would have been on the check. I feel justified since the meal were quinoa cakes and it costs 35 bolivianos which was way too expensive for what I was given.

Today has been pretty relaxed. The stress I was feeling about my audition video for the Suzuki scholarship for the classes I am going to take went away because Marco is an angel and got it sent off yesterday. I spent almost my entire day trying to upload it on Thursday and had no success. Thankfully, Andres (Pepe my dog to be´s dad) helped Marco out with free internet.

Speaking of Pepe, we are getting him for good tomorrow!! I am so excited. Zara isn´t leaving until the beginning of December but wants us to have him for good now so if we do have some problems she might still be able to help us. I am not worried. He is part of the fam now. He is also going to be with Marco when I get into Cusco tomorrow evening greeting me with his wagging butt and kisses (maybe Marco too..hahah!)

Life is for getting 6 months when I cross the border tomorrow!


  1. Judy and I were eating at Potbelly's in downtown Evanston when we noticed a woman walk in with a box of books and start placing the books on shelves. I went over and asked what was going on and she told me it is part of a free book exchange that has been started in reaction to the closing of the south branch of the public library. Your story made me think of it. Have fun with that little doggie! I wish I was there to romp with him.

  2. Fantastic! Book exchanges are great! The only problem is that you are not guaranteed the book you want. You just go in and hope you find something good. :)