Friday, May 27, 2011

Pasta Mama

It has been almost two weeks of Pasta Mama madness!! Actually it has been quite good and not as crazy as I think it will get once everyone starts spreading the word. Pasta Mama opened its doors on Tuesday May 17th and we have been slowly getting busier and busier. Two of our first customers, Pat and Tam, from North Dakota, came in a few times and had breakfast and lunch. They said they would recommend us on How cool!! It's a great feeling knowing that people are content with the quality of food and service. Every day we are figuring out ways to make our service better and to dance around each other behind the bar that only comfortably fits two people. It's a challenge but it is getting easier every day. On top of that Marissa and I have fun making things and baking cakes and pies in the morning. I really enjoy her company and we are getting to a point where we don't need to even say full words to each other to know what we want from the other person. It makes me really happy.

I have never worked as a waitress before but I have to say I find it enjoyable. It gets a little crazy some times but I am getting the hang of it and the tips are always appreciated. I have been lacking in energy lately but I think it is because I just started teaching violin as well and I am making up for the two weeks lost at the beginning of May so I have had 18 classes this week and next week. (8 students with two classes a week) After next week it will get better I am sure. Anyway, back to the restaurant. Marissa and Humber hard at work!

One of the great things we have been doing is handing out samples of the pies and cakes Marissa's has been making. It has brought in quite a few people and I enjoy being friendly to passers by. We also have a few boards that we like to put fun things on like this:

Of course, we like to be bilingual as much as we can but we know where our main business is going to come from and most of them speak English. If you are interested in the website it is and there is also a facebook page for the restaurant as well. Just search for PastaMama Peru.

I am so excited and extremely proud to be working in such a great place with awesome people. If you are around Cusco, stop by and have some pasta! The following pictures are my attempt to be somewhat artistic with Pasta Mama photos.


  1. Sounds like things are sizzling. Why is it that most of your clientele are English speaking? Peruvians don't care for pasta? Are you able to eat for free - saving you lunch money?

  2. Peruvians do come in and eat of course, but they are partial to menus which consist of soup, a main course, a drink, and a desert. They cost anywhere from 3 soles to 20 soles depending on where you go. Pasta Mama isn't a menu kind of place though. The majority of the people that will be coming in will be tourists. :) I am definitely saving my lunch money!