Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bolivia Round #2

I made it back to Peru! Thank goodness. I hate border runs. They make me nervous. The immigration officer was only going to give me 30 days but I begged him for 90. I really wanted 6 months but that was out of the question. Bolivia itself was nice though. Copacabana is a nice little town on Lake Titicaca so it has a beach and lots of boats. I only spent one night there and I really didn't do much. When I got into town around 1:30pm I crashed at my hostel (which only cost 40 bolivianos (under 5 dollars) for a private room!) for a few hours and then took a little walk around the town. I couldn't, for the life of me, find a working cash machine. I was going to take out a little bit to buy a few things but that didn't happen. Fortunately, the 100 soles I brought with me was the perfect amount for accommodation and food. I only had to use my visa in the morning for breakfast. I headed back to the room around 7:30 and watched a little bit of TV, read, and went to bed. I spent Sunday morning reading and waiting for my bus at 1:30pm. I met a really nice couple that was biking around South America and they were headed to Arequipa but they are coming to Cusco eventually. I gave them lots of suggestions for places to eat and check out. I also gave them my phone number so that when they are in town we can go out for a drink maybe.

After crossing the border and making it to Puno we found out that we would be on a bus at 6pm as opposed to the 4pm bus we were supposed to be on. Oh well, another hour and a half to wait wasn't much. The long wait was to come. As soon as I saw the bus we were going to be riding to Cusco on I knew that our 6 hour bus ride would not be 6 hours. As it turns out I was right and it took us almost 9 hours to get to Cusco. The bus smelled horrible and stopped at every bus station there was on the way to Cusco. There was no bathroom either so people continually got off at the stations to go to the bathroom. While in Puno I made friend with an Argentinian couple headed to Cusco. They were on the same bus and since I knew they had never been to Cusco before I offered them a ride to their hostel. Marco was a sweetheart and picked us up at 2:30am. We dropped Mauro and Julieta off at Pirwa and then I was dropped at home with chifa in hand. I have the best boyfriend in the world.

In other news, I had an interview today! I might be working for Maximo again but in the international office. I would be working with volunteers, projects, and host families. I think it would be an awesome job for me and if I get it I will be in Cusco for another year and a half. I had a good interview today with Cathy but she has to present it to Tom. the general manager, and we will see if I get a second interview! Keep your fingers crossed for me because there are three other candidates. Nothing is guaranteed until they say "you are hired". Some of the benefits of this job will be higher pay and getting a carnet or ID by making me legal to work here for another year and a half without having to make more border runs. Oh man, I would love that!! I look forward to working with volunteers and host families and improving my Spanish. Also, it means I get to stay with Marco longer. There is nothing bad about that. :)

Pasta Mama is almost ready to open. I have been helping Marissa buy the last of the appliances and necessary items for the opening. She hopes to be open by Monday. I will be working the mornings with her and I am happy to have something to fill my mornings. I have been so lazy lately waking up around 9:30 or 10am. I am not complaining because I love sleep but I also feel like a lazy butt. I will be up at 6am starting in June if I get the job with Maximo but I am not jumping ahead. Right now I am super pumped to be a part of the restaurant. It's gonna be awesome!

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