Friday, April 1, 2011

Shingle Jingle

I got shingles, yes I do, I got shingles cuz I had chicken pox when I was two!

This month has not been a good month for me in terms of health. First I get salmonella, then my throat starts giving me problems and now I have shingles. I wonder what awaits me next! It is a new month today and I wish I could say that the shingles was an April Fool's Day joke but alas, it is not. So you may be thinking what the heck is shingles? It's chicken pox for adults and usually older adults get it. When you get chicken pox as a kid you always have the virus in you and when you are older and your immune system is down it might flare up on you. The good thing is that, like chicken pox, once you get shingles once, you won't get it again. The bad news is that it attacks the skin as well as the nerves. In my case the pox are on my lower back and the nerve sensitivity/pain is down my right leg. Awesomeness right? What's even better is that the name of it is called Herpes Zoster and I get to take Valtrex which is used for people who have herpes. It's not the name actually but the price of the medicine that sucks. 370 soles for a weeks worth of valtrex. I have spent about 800 soles or so on medical treatment this month which is roughly $260. Now, when it comes to medical care in the states, that amount of money is nothing but when you aren't making anything (well I made 400 soles from teaching this month) it's a big dent in the wallet. Thank goodness for my tax refund. I am also going to see what I can get out of my travelers insurance and if shingles falls under emergency. I think it does. It's sure painful enough! I am also glad that I got it figured out because for a second I thought I might have MRSA. I went to the clinic yesterday and the doctor did two blood tests for bacterial infections but they both came back normal. He said to come back on Sunday morning at 7:30am and that didn't sit well with me. I called Marco who came over and comforted me and then proceeded to find a dermatologist at a different clinic and set up an appointment for me for today. What a great boyfriend! I am happy to be diagnosed and with medicine. Hopefully, no more stupid diseases will come my way any time soon.

In other news, I sang four nights in a row this past week. Three of the nights were with Michael and one night was with Claudio, Carla's (my boss) brother. He is an awesome guitarist and just got back from Spain. We might be putting together a band with two of his friends who are a bassist and drummer. That'd be awesome! We could jam out at the really big venues in Cusco and play songs to dance to. Do I feel like I am ditching Michael and the Guardians? Nope. Carlos plays in three bands and I don't think that makes him any less a part of the band. If you can be successful then do it! Also with The Guardians, our new CD is out!! If anyone wants one just let me know what your address is and I will send you it. They cost 5 bucks. The songs are really Michael's. I just sing harmony on the first five tracks. Either way, it's still exciting! I am grateful for all the gigs too because I made almost 100 soles in the past four days which is great! Something funny happened on Tuesday night when we played at Kamikase (for the last time thankfully. They are cheapos over there). A guy came up to me after our show and told me that he was a producer in Lima and has worked with a lot of different bands. He threw out a whole bunch of names I never heard. Anyway, he raved about how I have a very interesting voice and a lot of talent and that I should go to Lima to work with him if I want to get big. He was a bit drunk but I appreciated his enthusiasm. It's funny how I had just talked to my mom that morning and she offered that I might not continue with teaching but with my music career. What a coincidence! I would have to go to Lima though and I really don't know how much I trust the guy. My life is in Cusco right now and I love it here. I am comfortable and super happy here.

I went out salsa dancing the other night with Erica, Chandler, Ricardo (the new roomy) and Marco. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait to do more. I have met quite a few salseros here in Cusco and I have to say it's quite a small world among the salsa dancers here. Lot's of drama too but I feel like that is to be expected in the dance world. I am working on conquering all the combinations for the circle. It's so much fun!

This weekend is dedicated to being healthy and taking care of myself. No drinking for the week and no singing until Monday with Claudo at Le Nomade. If you read this blog and are in Cusco you should come out. 9pm on Choquechaka across from Jack's cafe! :)

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