Monday, April 18, 2011

Amoeba Attack!

Most people get sick when they come to Cusco with some diarrhea or a little stomach pain but when an Amoeba attacks it will take one down for the count. My brother, unfortunately, was one of those persons. War with an amoeba is cannot be done without an IV. He was up all night losing water in every possible way imagineable. He couldn´t even keep water down. After calling the doctor in the morning and he making a home visit, we went to the clinic and got him hooked up to an IV asap. It was immediate relief, he said. It was good to see the color in face come back and give him the opportunity to make up for the lack of sleep he had the night before. Amoeba´s are nasty little things and super strong too. Dehydration is no joke and that would most likely kill someone before the amoeba itself ate up your stomach. Yuck.

The worst part of the day was that Roger couldn´t come with us to the Ciencianos game that he was so looking foward to. However, I am glad that the bug him him when it did because we are now in route to Machu Picchu and there is not way that he would have been able to do this yesterday. Perfect timing. Everything happens for a reason right?

I will give a little update of the weekend. Roger got in at 7am on Friday and we had breakfast at Jack´s before heading back to the hostel and getting some rest. Erica made recoto rellena (a typical dish from Arequipa with stuffed hot peppers and spaghetti) so we went to the old apartment for lunch and Roger met Erica and Elias who are both going on the Choquequirao trek with us. After lunch we headed to my English class at Viajes Pacifico and Roger explained to them (while I was in the bathroom) what the word asshole means. Hilarious! That night I played with The Guardians at the hostel to a wonderful turnout of friends and hostelmates. We sold a few CDs and then headed out to Frogs for an after party. It was super fun and I was extremely impressed with Roger´s adjustment to the altitude. It hasn´t been bothering him at all really. We´ll see what happens on the trek! :)

Saturday was a wonderfully sunny day and the perfect weather for a climb to the Temple of the Moon. We headed up there after Roger watched Machester City defeat Manchester United. (He was pumped because it was a big upset and he is a Manchester City fan.) I will post some pictures soon.

Oops, gotta go because the internet cafe man needs to go to lunch. I will add more later!!

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