Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet Salmonella Sickness

Well, the time has finally come for a viscious little bacilli to enter my stomach and wreak havoc. I am pretty sure I got Salmonella from a mango sour I made. Miguel helped me make it and we used the egg white from an egg I never saw. Word to wise, if you ever use raw eggs, make sure you actually see the egg it came out of. I don´t know how old the clara (egg white) was and it was most likely the culprit. I originally thought I had eaten something bad when I cooked spaghetti on Tuesday but I had terrible cramps the following days so I decided to see a doctor. Good thing I did! He took a blood sample and stool sample to check for Salmonella and for parasties. I am now taking cipro and staying away from alcohol for the week which won´t be difficult.

I have worked the past three mornings at the bar for the breakfast shift and I have to say I don´t mind working this shift as much as I thought I would. I don´t have to think like I did when I was up teaching at 7am. I just put out bread, coffee, milk, and tea. I make sure there are clean dishes and that people are happy. I also get to play whatever music I want. I am scheduled to work this shift 4 days in a row next Thursday through Sunday. We´ll see if I can´t get a switcheroo with someone maybe on Sunday morning. Apparently, Miguel, who did the scheduling, thinks that I have to work the mornings because I am in charge of making sure the food is ordered and bought for breakfast and sandwiches. Fortunately, my co-worker Catherine, explained to him that I just need to take a count after the shift is over and make sure to buy whatever is needed for the following day.

I start classes tomorrow in the afternoon and I won´t find out my exact schedule until tomorrow morning nor what levels I am teaching. They don´t really give you much time to plan for the first day but it´s all good. First days are meant for introductions and review. Either way, I am excited about it.


  1. Bad food - I am a risk taker in that area because if there is one thing I hate it is wasting food. Yesterday I found an unopened plastic bottle of apple juice in the fridge that had been there since before last Xmas. I opened it, performed the smell test and then decided to do the overnight test (take a drink and see if I get through the night without feeling sick). I did (get through the night).

    I admit I'm being foolish - why take the risk for such small stakes?

  2. Yeah, that's a bit much. I try not to be stupid with my food, but I have a pretty strong stomach so I don't worry as much as other people do.