Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chino Y Nacho

When I found out that Chino y Nacho were going to play in Cusco, Corey and I were set on going. Last night, it came to fruition and it was all that I was hoping for and more. Let me explain who these two men are. They are from Venezuela and sing reggaeton, cumbia, and merengue songs that are extremely popular in Latin America. They also happen to be quite good looking guys which is always helpful in the music industry. Anyway, Erica and I took off our last classes so we could get in line and while we were in line we bought some Chino Y Nacho headbands. I took a picture but unfortunately, my camera was stolen about 5 minutes later along with my ticket to the show. I had a split second feeling of anger and violation and then my rational optimistic side set in and I just reminded myself that it was more important that I was with Erica and that I can remember things in my head. Not having pictures is not the end of the world. As for the ticket, I just found a scalper and bought another one for 45 soles. In the end the price to see them was 80 soles but what´s a little bit of money? I am just happy that my phone wasn´t taken because I don´t have all the numbers written down and staying connected with people is more important than getting a few pictures of two attractive Latinos. Haha. Life could always be worse. Anyway, we met up with Linda who works at Maximo and she had a camera so she took some to put up on facebook. The concert was a blast. The opening band was OK. They were called Monkiss. Chino y Nacho started off their set with Tu Angelito which is one of their famous songs. It was great seeing them dance. Chino´s signature dance is a gyrating hip thrust of sorts. Hahaha he made all the girls melt of course. The best part of the concert was when Lo Que No Sabes Tu came on. It´s a super fast merengue song and really fun to dance too. Corey, Justin, Erica, Linda, her sister, and I found a spot above one of the exits with plenty of space to dance. I was expecting the place to be packed but it wasn´t that bad at all. I would say there were maybe 4000 people there for the concert.

After the concert, Erica and I headed to Mythology for their white party and danced with some of my students that we saw there. My couch surfing friend Omar from Lima, called me and we went to see him and his buddies perform at a little bar called Hibrido. The guitar was terribly out of tune but it was fun to see him perform. He came to see my sing last Tuesday at Kamikase. Ahora estamos parches (Now we are equal).

After a delicious sandwich de pollo deshilachado I made my way to bed. I had to get up this morning to start packing all my stuff so I wanted to get a little bit of sleep. Tonight Sadidt and Cecilia, two of me Peruvian girlfriends are making Erica and I dinner for my despedida from the apartment. It´s sweet of them and I am excited because I am starving!!

So now on to the next chapter! Let the adventure begin!

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