Saturday, February 26, 2011

Adios Maximo!

Well, my last day finally came yesterday. I have to say that my feelings are a bit bittersweet. I am going to miss seeing all my co-workers on a daily basis but I am not going to miss getting up in the mornings. I was offered another month if I wanted to stay with a bonus but at this point it´s not about the money for me. I am ready for something new and starting tomorrow I will be starting a new adventure in Cusco by moving to Yamanya Hostal. It´s going to be a big change and while I was packing today I had a pretty big knot in my stomach. I know that I am not leaving Cusco all together but at the same time, I know that life is going to change drastically. It doesn´t help that I have started dating someone and now I am moving into a dormitory. Privacy is not easy to come by while working and living in a hostal. It´s similar to working at camp. You are constantly sharing a tent or a cabin with people. Fortunately, it doesn´t bother me too much and I tend to get more out of communal living than I do out of living on my own because I thrive on socializing with other people and hearing their stories. That´s why I think it´s actually going to be pretty awesome. Worst case scenario: I hate it and I really need to have my own space. I will find an apartment to live in for the rest of my time here. I have a little bit of money thanks to the wonderful padres so it´s not like I have no other option than the hostal which is nice to know.

I am also ready to get rid of the damn pulgas that have been biting me lately. They aren´t bed bugs because I have seen what they look like but they sure as hell make me itch. I am going RAID happy before I shuffle all my stuff to the hostal. The last thing I want to do is infest a dorm with bugs. No thank you.

I am going to miss living with my roommate the most. She is my bestie down here for sure and there is not way that I will stop seeing her just because I move out, but it definitely won´t be the same.

Today I went to Salsa lessons and had a blast as usual. I love when the guy really takes control because it makes learning the steps that much easier. I ended up in the advanced circle which was awesome. We might go out again tonight like we did last Saturday and dance Salsa at Mythology, a club in town.

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