Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Unlikely Trio

I got together with Michael Thompson, the ex-pat that hosted me when I first got to Cusco, and a metal guitarist named Carlos on Thursday. A bit of an unlikely trio huh? Maybe that will be out band name. We jammed a bit and decided on some songs that we'd like to try covering. I am so excited!! I am singing again and it feels so good! We are hoping to get enough songs ready for performing by the end of the month of so. It would be so fun to play around Cusco. The hard part is that I have a ton of music on my iPod and even more on my computer at home but I have no way of ripping the music on a CD for the guys to listen to on their own time. My dad, being the amazing, wonderful, helpful person he is, is going to hook me up by getting a big enough USB flash drive and putting all my music from my comp onto it. Once I have that I can go to any computer, put the music I want to rip onto the computer and then make a CD. I just can't wait to perform again! I love being in front of people and sharing music. Here is the link to the song

In other news, I went to Pisac yesterday and spent the day hanging out writing, reading and pondering. The market was nice and Pisac is a nice little town. It's about an hour from Cusco and known for the ruins or citadel on the side of the mountain with lots of terracing. I didn't go up because you have to have a tourist ticket and it's something like 70 soles for access to about 14 different sites and it's only good for two weeks. No thanks. I can take pictures from afar. While it would be cool to see the terracing up close, I am more than happy to settle with some pictures from farther away.

I am working on lesson planning. Unfortunately, this month is shorter than the rest because we started on the 4th. That means we only have 16 days to teach 22 days worth of material. It kind of sucks because there is no room for fun and games. I just want to make sure my students get all the new information and have time to soak it in. I hate having to rush things, but alas, that is unavoidable sometimes.

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