Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Party!

This past weekend was the monthly TEFL party at Maximo. It's an open bar party to celebrate the graduation of all the TEFL students. It's super fun and this month we had a Halloween costume party. It was a grand old time. I went as a rose garden although most people thought I was Ivy from Batman. It was a fun and easy costume. My favorite was Becca's costume. She dressed up as a pregnant indigenous woman with a baby on her back. There were a lot of traditional dresses worn. They were super cute.

One more month of classes is over! We finish quizzes and exams today and after our morning meeting we have a 4 day weekend! Hallelujah! I am headed to Arequipa to do a two day trek to Colca Canyon. I can't wait. I am going alone but another teacher is going with his girlfriend and we may meet up and do the trek together. I'd definitely be down with that. I am looking forward to the solo travel though. I find it kind of fun and very freeing. I can do whatever I want to do. There is no one that I have to make plans with which allows for more spur of the moment type things. One of my students recommended some chocolate I should try and a bus I should take. The advice that I have gotten from my students for lots of things has been very helpful.

I am excited. I don't want to jinx myself but I am looking forward to my interview with Tucan Travel this month. Wish me luck! This could be the best job I get in a while.

I have some good news! I am typing this blog post from my computer! It is functioning somewhat normally again. At least the keyboard is not stuck in caps anymore and the programs are running faster. A few weird things are still not working such as the sound or camera or the edit option on photoshop. No idea. All that matters though is that I can connect to the internet and I can type. That's really all you need a computer for. Oh, and to store pictures too. I can't wait to get my hard drive of music and pictures from Dad. Thanks again dad for doing that.

Akhtiara, Erica, Whitney, and Becca as Peruvian women

Scooby Doo!

My rose garden costume

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