Monday, August 30, 2010

New Teacher Orientation

Thank goodness for new teacher orientation. I feel so much better going into my 6 classes on Wednesday. I am teaching two beginning classes, three intermediate and one advanced class. It would be wonderful if I had all the books and curriculum to read over tonight but I have to wait for all of that tomorrow. It means I will be doing a lot of reading and planning tomorrow afternoon and evening. I was supposed to start in the academic office and be a floater or a substitute for the first month but apparently there were teachers that left who were not expected to be leaving. That’s OK though. I’m just going to have to dive right in! I feel so much better having met my fellow new teachers (Nick, Susan, Andrew, Jake, and Ian) and going through everything with Tom, one of my bosses. There are 23 teachers in total and I believe I am the only person who was recently hired by Máximo Nivél that hasn’t gone through their TEFL program. It’s a little intimidating but I think I will be OK. I don’t have the same student teaching experience they do but like everyone has said, it is all about enthusiasm, patience, and your rapport with students. I think I can handle that. I just have to remember that it’s stressful for everyone the first month of so. Máximo is known as one of the most prestigious English institutes as well as one that knows how to party. Haha. I think I am going to get along really well with everyone.


  1. Ok, Amy - a quick TEFL course right here, right now. Follow this carefully.

    First - you will be teaching English, that's the T and E part.

    Second - your students know Spanish. To them, English is a foreign language, that's the F and L part

    So there you go - TEFL - you are all set and no need to thank me 'cause I'm your dad and am glad to help when I can.

  2. Amy,
    Good luck! I can't wait to hear how English teaching goes-- I'm gearing up to do the same thing in Ecuador. AH. Jumping right in will probably be best.