Sunday, July 29, 2012

Final Concerts

July and December are both the craziest months at Qantu. We have all of our final concerts and they all tend to fall within a certain week. Poor Flor has to accompany practically everyone so she is the one who runs around the most crazed of anybody. Fortunately, everything went pretty smoothly all in all.

The first concert I was a part of was the violin concert on the 7th of July. I had one night back in Cusco before the concert. I was really hoping the concert would be scheduled for the following week but availability plays a huge part in when and where we have our concerts. The students did a great job and I was very proud of the work that my students did with Katie while I was away. The all seemed to be in good shape and ready to play. Of course, there are always nerves and little things here and there but I completely understand and I am super proud of all of them. We had a good time.

The chorus and orchestra concert went very well. The kids sang really well; better than they had been in practice on Saturday afternoons. They repertoire included traditional Andean pieces that they kids grow up playing. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that concert.

Finally, I helped with the ensamble concert which included Early Stimulation, Cajon 1 and 2 and Sikuris. It was super fun and it was adorable watching the little itty bitty ones dance around with their mothers in Early Stimulation. They were dressed up in costumes. Two butterflies and a duck!
The last to go were the Sikuri players who did a great job. The group is divided into two groups and one group plays a certain type of sikuri (pan flute) and the other group plays the other type and together they can play all the notes they need to play. I only wish they didn't play in a circle because we say the backs of some of the students instead of their fronts.

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