Sunday, April 8, 2012

Relaxing Semana Santa

This week was holy week and it was quite relaxing. I worked everyday this week with the exception of today but it was never more than a few hours. Semana Santa is celebrated in various ways by Peruvians. In Cusco they celebrate El Señor de los Temblores (literally translated to the man of earthquakes) on Monday. He is the patron saint of Cusco and everyone gets out to see the procession and if not they are out in the evening and fill the main plaza with more bodies than new years. Unfortunately, this year it rained a lot and soaked everyone. One of my students parents said that she had never experienced rain on the day of El Señor de los Temblores. Poor Marco had to run back to the base from the procession in the pouring rain. I had my own water problem but it was because my water bottle was open in my bag and got EVERYTHING wet including my new Shure mic. Plopped that in rice as soon as I got home. Works every time. If you ever drop an electronic device in water, put it in a bowl of rice for a day and it will work! (Most of the time.)

There are lots of masses and many people go to church for the first and only time during the year. Marco went to multiple masses because his job required him to but we didn't go to any on our own.

I gave a make-up class for group this week because I have to give at least 16 during the semester and since I will be gone in June, that will leave me three behind when I get back. I want as little work as possible to make up when I get back. I would much rather work my butt off now. Fortunately, a friend of Suzanne's who is also a violin teacher is going to come for two months and will arrive right as I leave. If all works out, she will be able to teach my students for the month of June so they don't miss out on private lessons! There are few students who are receiving classes for June right now. They are all students who are graduating from book 1 and book 3 on May 14th. I am so excited for them!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I played gigs with my bands. Akhtiara and friends came out on Thursday to see me sing at Frogs. (Pictured above). Saturday night was the best. The Guardians played at The Dragon's Palate and there was a group of Brazilians that had a grand old time and ended up dancing and singing in the rain with us. We weren't gonna let some rain get the best of our show! We also sold 4 CDs! That's huge for us especially in one night!

Today was great, other than Pepe waking me up at 5:30am to go out. We did some house cleaning and I ended up cleaning all of Pepe's things including his blankets and his dog house. I lined it with contact paper and brushed all the hair off his blankets. He kept looking at me like I was taking everything away. He was so confused. He kept trying to lay down under the blanket I was trying to clean. Haha! He is so adorable.
What are you doing mama?

Cleaned and lined with contact paper

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